Dance Ensemble's

Dance Ensemble's "Greatest Show"

By Alisa Samadani, A&E Editor originally published in Issue 13, Volume 31 of The University Register on Friday, May 3, 2019

UMM Dance Ensemble hosted their end-of-semester performances last weekend. They performed on Friday, April 26 at 7 p.m. and twice on Saturday, at 1 and at 7 p.m. Tickets were $6. The event took place in Edson auditorium, and had an impressive turnout. This year’s choreographers blew the audience away with 24 performances, ten of which were Senior Pieces. The show opened with a group performance of “The Greatest Show” from the all-too familiar film, “The Greatest Showman”. From there, various genres and styles were flaunted on the stage.

From “Stand in The Rain” by Superchick, to Ozzy Ozbourne’s “Crazy Train,” every performance held a story and captured the passion of the music with equally passionate dancers. Some pieces were simply there for the humor, such as Broz Aerobics, which featured six male dancers partaking in workout routines set to Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” Olivia Newton-John’s “Physical,” and Michael Sembello’s “Maniac.”

This year had a considerable number of dancers transferring or graduating after this semester, and I only felt it appropriate to include their names here (signified by an asterisk), as well as the rest of the incredible dancers who were in the show.

Without further ado, here is the program:

Production Choreographers: 2018-2019 Ensemble Board The Greatest Show by Various Artists Dancers: Wyatt Anderson, Jackie Bell, Hanna Brekke, Ariel Crabtree, Dani Domka, Hannah Fussy, Christina Gilbert, Erika Hanson, Aundria Howard, Bailey Kemp, Ashley Kennedy, Danny Kenyon, April Klimek, Tina Kult, Rachel Larsen, Claire Larson, Taryn Longshore, Rebecca Lund, Cidavia Marchand, Morgan McAlpin, Danielle Nash, Kristin McQuerry, Natalie Peterson, Grace Poff, Adrianna Pollak, Kristen Shaw, Laura Steblay, Hailey Stobb, Lily Sugimura, Malia Stone, Caroline Vodacek, Emma Wald, Elisabeth Walker, Kyelee Wilson, Maureen Zeleny

Dirty Dancing Choreographers: Rachel Evangelisto and Justice Jensvold “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes Dancers: Rachel Evangelisto, Jubair Hassan, Kerri Mueller, Jamin Stagg

Stand In The Rain Danielle Nash’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Danielle Nash “Stand In The Rain” by Superchick Dancers: Jackie Bell, Erika Hanson, Aundria Howard, Rachel Larsen, Claire Larson, Danielle Nash, Caroline Vodacek, Maija Whitefeather*

Runaway Baby Choreographers: Morgan McAlpin and Carol Zun “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars Dancers: Hanna Brekke, Christina Gilbert, Fiona Herbert, Karen Kenison, Danny Kenyon, April Klimek, Rachel Knafla, Cidavia Marchand, Natalie Peterson, Adrianna Pollak, Maggie Schauff, Maya Shebala, Elisabeth Walker, Solvi Wagstrom, Emma Wald, Maureen Zeleny

Anonymous Dance Crew Choreographers: Kriss Baye and Jamie Polahn “Three Points” by Gasmilla, “Azonto” by Fuse, “Kpono” by Wande Coal, “IF” by Davido, “Mad Over You” by Runtown Dancers: Esmira Alieva, Kriss Baye, Abou Doumbouya, Olivia Illi, Asia Kollie, Jamie Polahn, Hannah Rhea Sajulga, Michelle Wolney

Crazy Train Bailey Kemp’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Bailey Kemp “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Ozbourne Dancers: Rachel Evangelisto, Bailey Kemp, Rachel Larsen, Falon McNabb, Kristin McQuerry, Danielle Nash, Malia Stone

Mr. Redundant Choreographers: Angela Gudahl and Kerri Mueller “Mr. Redundant” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise Dancers: Hanna Brekke, Alice Ellstrom, Hannah Fussy, Angela Gudahl, Melissa Haseman, Jubair Hassan*, Kerri Mueller, Alli Petersen, Cameron Ramos, Sophi Rothman, Josh Westfield, Kyelee Wilson

Katchi Choreographer: Madeline Gould “Katchi” by Ofenbach with Nick Waterhouse on the verses Dancers: Madeline Gould, Ashley Kennedy, Claire Larson, Rebecca Lund*, Caitlin Papke, Grace Poff, Hannah Rhea Sajulga, Kristen Shaw

Turn Down For What Tina Kult’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Tina Kult “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon (Onderkoffer Remix) Dancers: Gӧzde Aydin, (Henry) Pinheng Chen, Hannah Fussy, Asia Kollie, Tina Kult, Cidavia Marchand, Michelle Wolney, Yancie Yezak, Samuel Yicong Yuan

Night and Day Jamie Polahn’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Jamie Polahn “Lights Down Low” by MAX Dancers: Jamie Polahn, Sam Rusch

POM Squad Choreographers: POM Squad 2018-2019 “Woman Like Me” by Little Mix feat. Nicki Minaj Dancers: Jackie Bell, Ariel Crabtree, Rachel Curtiss, Dani Domka, Aundria Howard, Bailey Kemp, Rachel Larsen*, Falon McNabb, Morgan McAlpin, Caitlin Papke, Kristen Shaw, Malia Stone, Lily Sugimura

Astronaut Erika Hanson’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Erika Hanson “Astronaut” by Simple Plan Dancers: Kari Gillette, Erika Hanson, Danny Kenyon, April Klimek, Taryn Longshore, Cidavia Marchand, Natalie Peterson, Adrianna Pollak, Emma Wald, Kyelee Wilson

Broz Aerobics Choreographers: Jackie Bell and Aundria Howard “Hit Me WithYour Best Shot” by Pat Benatar, “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John, “Maniac” by Michael Sembello Dancers: (Henry) Pinheng Chen, Josiah Gregg, Harrison Piehowski, Nicholas Robertson, Josh Westfield, Samuel Yicong Yuan


Museum After Hours Choreographer: Ariel Crabtree “7 Rings” by Ariana Grande Dancers: Wyatt Anderson, Ariel Crabtree, Madeline Gould, Ashley Kennedy, Rachel Larsen, Morgan McAlpin, Bailey Kemp, Falon McNabb, Grace Paullus*, Hannah Rhea Sajulga

What I Like About You Aundria Howard’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Aundria Howard “What I Like About You” by Lillix Dancers: Jackie Bell, Aundria Howard

Turn Up The Music Choreographer: Asia Kollie “Kiss Kiss”, “Gimme That”, “Turn Up The Music” all by Chris Brown Dancers: Gӧzde Aydin, Hannah Fussy, Tori Hang, Kyelee Hanson, Olivia Illi, Danny Kenyon, Asia Kollie, Tina Kult, Alli Petersen, Jamie Polahn, Michelle Wolney

Doubt Comes In Maija Whitefeather’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Maija Whitefeather “Hadestown remix” by Anis Mitchell Dancers: Jubair Hassan, Karen Kenison, Claire Larson, Morgan McAlpin, Kristin McQuerry, Caitlin Papke, Harrison Piehowski, Grace Poff, Hannah Rhea Sajulga, Hailey Stobb, Lily Sugimura, Caroline Vodacek

I Love Me, Baby Choreographers: Christina Kotten and Jamin Stagg “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons Dancers: Esmira Alieva, Josiah Gregg, Christina Kotten, Jeff Langman, Nathan Laurence, Jamin Stagg, Rachel Stai, Elisabeth Walker

Digging Caroline Vodacek’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Caroline Vodacek “To Build A Home” by Cinematic Orchestra, “Digging” written and spoken by Seamus Heaney Dancers: Wyatt Anderson, Bailey Kemp, Tina Kult, Rachel Larson, Danielle Nash, Laura Steblay, Caroline Vodacek

Blue Lips Choreographer: Morgan McAlpin “Blue Lips” by Regina Spektor Dancers: Jackie Bell, Dani Domka, Aundria Howard, Rebecca Lund, Morgan McAlpin, Falon McNabb, Caitlin Papke, Lily Sugimura, Maija Whitefeather

Sway Me Rachel Evangelisto’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Rachel Evangelisto “Sway” by Pussycat Dolls Dancers: Rachel Evangelisto, Jubair Hassan

Levels To Your Love Choreographer: Maija Whitefeather “Levels” by Nick Jonas Dancers: Katie Christopherson, Breanna Dragseth, Lily Gladis, Erika Hanson, Alexandra Rud, Sarah Scherbring, Elisabeth Walker, Kylee Wilson

Always Believe Jackie Bell’s Senior Piece Choreographer: Jackie Bell “I Believe” by Yolanda Adams Dancers: Jackie Bell, Arial Crabtree, Dani Domka, Aundria Howard, Morgan McAlpin, Kristen Shaw

Vegas Lights Choreographer: Wyatt Anderson “Vegas Lights” by Panic! At The Disco Dancers: Wyatt Anderson, Gӧzde Aydin, Angela Gudahl, Olivia Illi, Danny Kenyon, Alli Petersen, Hannah Retzer, Nora Schulz, Laura Steblay, Yancie Yezak

Production Reprise

2018-2019 Dance Ensemble Board Co-Chairs: Jackie Bell and Aundria Howard Secretary: Rachel Larsen Treasurer: Morgan McAlpin Public Relations: Bailey Kemp Adviser: Stephanie Ferrian

Technical Director: Ben Fink Lighting Designers and Programmer: Alyssa Kraft and Madison Grimsbo Stage Manager: Paige Haugen Assistant Stage Manager: Kylie Toso Photographers: Molly Falnes and Megan Steblay Videographer: Samuel Yuan

A portion of the proceeds from the performances benefit the John Vo Memorial Scholarship.

Image above submitted by Molly Falnes.