On Your Heaphones: Bug Hunter

On Your Heaphones: Bug Hunter

By Tehya Wachuta, Editor-in-Chief Originally published in Issue 1, Volume 32 of The University Register on Friday, September 13, 2019

I absolutely love this album. The lead singer and lyricist of Bug Hunter, who goes by the name Bug, is a lyrical mastermind, and the way that he threads clever rhymes with deeply meaningful lyrics over bouncing, catchy rhythms is simply magical. His songs range from pleasant tunes to existential rants, and I love every word of them.

Bug Hunter is a Seattle-based band which took off when they recorded their song “Dear McCracken” in Bug’s bedroom. “Dear McCracken” is featured in their first album, The Rough Draft, and it’s a modern love story full of hope, heartache, and a bit of spying. It’s truly a masterpiece, but I decided to focus on their second album because I think it embodies what Bug Hunter describes as their mission: “[to] make good indie pop with lyr ics that aren’t brain dead.”

The songs in Torn Between A Couple are a beautiful compilation of late-night thoughts, sad confessions, and self-confident proclamations. The album starts off strong with “Making Up Words,” a fabulous word-collage which perfectly balances a mind bursting with thought and the feeling of complete wordlessness. It was one of the first songs I heard by Bug Hunter, and definitely one that kept me listening. I highly, highly recommend it as well as all the other songs on the album, but as Bug himself says in his song “Who I’m Singing To,” you’re welcome to “find another artist if you don’t like stream-of-consciousness.”

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