Rad HomeKUMMing Concert

Rad HomeKUMMing Concert

By Andrea Wathanaphone, Writer and Photographer, originally published in Issue 2, Volume 30 of The University Register on Friday, October 06, 2017

Shouts of a male vocalist and echoed through the tunnel. The grittiness of his voice resonated against the walls and travels back to Edson Auditorium. William Bauer’s voice moved his listeners as he played an impromptu solo opening act. The spotlight on him, and the audience intimately gathered around, it was a chill opener to KUMM’s HomeKUMMing Concert.

The annual HomeKUMMing concert was held on September 29 in Edson Auditorium. Tickets were merely $5 to watch five professional bands live. Doors opened at 7:00p.m.; music started at 7:30p.m. There are a few conventions one must know when attending a KUMM sponsored music event:

1. Stand, not sit. If you’re attending any live band concert, you are almost never sitting in the seat assigned. You are there, screaming your head off like the giggly fangirl you are, whether or not you know who is performing (which tends to be the case at these sponsored events). If anyone is seen sitting, relaxing, or enjoying the show in their seat, it is customary to eagerly urge them onto their feet and rocking out to the band.

2. Front and Center. You’re not just standing up and rocking out to the bands, but are also right next to the stage and speaker system. Yes, your ears will bleed from glory. You show respect to the band, and a lot of the time, the band will honor that by giving you the mic, calling you up on stage, or even jamming out with you in the audience.

3. You stay the entire time. Jk. You do not have to stay the entire time – KUMM events are typically 3-4 hours long of lovely, lively music – but it is highly appreciated, not only by KUMM staff members, but also the bands who perform! They want to perform for you. They love seeing you get crazy in the audience and feed off of the adrenaline you provide for them so stay the whole time. You did pay $5 for all these acts.

Now, an ode to the Alyssa, the technician who was running the lights. You did a good job. I particularly enjoyed that each band had their own color rather than the typical changing of the overall lighting of the stage dependent on the speed or mood of the song (e.g. a ballad with blue, an intense moment with red, etc.) The lights displayed an overall tone to the band itself. You go, tech crew!

The lineup of the bands included We Found Home (Morris alternative punk), 4th Curtis (St. Paul queer punk), Mulligrub (Canadian pop), and Danami and the Blue (Twin Cities soul/hip hop). All of the Morris folks knew and loved We Found Home and their exuberant energy. 4th Curtis had quite the personality; the three person band had their own unique voice and performance that came through each song. Mulligrub was chiiiiill with amazing vocals and a quirky persona. Finally, the headliner, Danami and the Blue stole the show. Along with the amazing musicality of the Blue, Danami had his own charisma that was captivating. He was honest with his audience and his emotions, the listeners were able to feel the lyrics and beat. (Also, side note, he came off stage and sang directly to me [side-side note: that was not the first time a band member played/sang to me, the photographer], so extra points to Danami).

Thank you, KUMM for bringing all of these extremely insanely, fantastically (proceed with imaginary adjectives) artists out to our tiny town of Morris! It was such a pleasure to be in the center of it all! KUMM will host other events where they bring in other bands throughout the year. Watch out and get ready for some brain-blowing music.