The Day THE LIQUOR Died!

By Joseph Munson, Contributor, originally published in Issue 3, Volume 30 of The University Register on Friday, October 20, 2017

The Man, the Legend, the Liquor, John Dunsworth passed away this week on October 16, 2017. He is best known for his acting in the TV show series and, the best thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup, The Trailer Park Boys! Dunsworth played a drunken trailer park supervisor by the name of Jim Lahey. Jim supervises the trailer park of Sunnyvale in Nova Scotia. He used to be a police officer until a horrible prank gone wrong got him fired from the force. After being fired from the police academy he slowly metamorphized into the Liquor. His wife, Barb is the owner of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park who appointed him supervisor after his termination. He became the enforcer of law in the park, often coming into conflict and trying to bust three delinquents by the name of Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles. Mr. Lahey grew up in the park watching the shitwinds brewing as these 3 rabble-rousers grew up into pot-smoking, binge-drinking, twelve-can-ravioli-eating ne’er-do-wells. He considers these three men to be the biggest threat to the park. He uses the power of supervisor to re-live days on the force by getting drunk and driving around the park spying on the three men. His side-kick by the name of Bobandy is also his secret lover who helps Jim bust the 3 men and gets them sent back to shit-college, aka jail. He is the antagonist in the series, always getting in the way of the three friends, master plans to get rich quick schemes and getting them sent to jail season after season.

Dunsworth, in his early life, went to the University of Guelph, but left school in his fourth year. Then he went on to act on many CBC radio dramas and later became one of Halifax’s most famous directors. Then later in life he landed the best role of his life in Trailer Park Boys. He was by far the best drunk actor there ever was, making most viewers of the series think he was drunk while acting even though he never drank alcohol or consumed much in his life. His antics have entertained millions and have helped a lot of people across the world through comedy.

If you have not seen Trailer Park Boys I would strongly suggest watching it. I would start at season five because some of the first few seasons are dry and then you will fall in love, and begin to re-watching the series over and over again because the need to watch THE LIQUOR is irresistible.

Memorable quotes of Jim Lahey:

“I’m sober enough to know what I’m doing and drunk enough to really enjoy it.” “Just one more little drinky-poo.” “The Liquor’s calling the shots, Randy.” “Randy, I’ve decided to lay off the food for a bit, and go on the booze.” “The liquor will do the driving, then we’ll just kick back on booze control.” “You might be able to fool the FBI, But you can’t fool the FBme.” “Feelin’ a little sluggish, think I need a snap of the white liquor.” “I am The LIQUOR!!!!”