UMM Homecoming Concert

By Shafful Umam, Writer, originally published in Issue 2, Volume 30 of The University Register on Friday, October 06, 2017

The homecoming concert took place on a lovely weekend in September. It was gloomy and windy: the type of weather you want to take a nap in. When I was at the gates of the HFA I thought there would not be anyone inside. I took a cappuccino from Higbies to celebrate the weather and went in. I was quite surprised to see not only a full house, but people actually standing on the sides of the Recital Hall! Luckily, I found a chair with a good view. After saying some awkward “hi’s” and “hellos”, the Symphonic Winds started. It was great and was similar to all the great performances they had put on in the past. Then the choir came in.

My first impression was, “Hey! They are wearing different outfits! At first, the all-black outfits made it kinda look like someone died, but I later realized there is a certain elegance to the new attire. The new song they sang was the most unique and entertaining thing I have ever seen performed in this auditorium! First Brad made an unusual announcement that they are playing an African song about climate change that has a lot of hissing, yelling, shouting, clapping, stomping, weird noises, and music. I thought, “Wow, that is usually how I communicate, in real life, but how is this a song?” It was a song, alright. I greatly admired all the efforts and concentration that must have been put into this song.

Not only was it a musically brilliant performance, but also the general performing aspects of the piece were a thrill to watch by themselves. The moves they made were no less thrilling than Michael Jackson’s Thriller album! You have to either trust me on this or watch their next performance of this song to understand how a choir can have better physical moves than Michael Jackson. The concert had a lovely end for me. A lot of hugs and hellos with familiar faces; I hung out with them for quite a while until I called it a night.