A New Perspective

A New Perspective

By Angelica Cullen, Feature Editor Originally published in Issue 1, Volume 34 of The University Register on October 1, 2021

The past two years have certainly been eventful for everyone and the newer UMM students are no exception. The classes of 2024 and 2025 have both had an unusual freshman year as compared to previous classes due to being the only classes entering college for the first time during the pandemic. I was able to interview a mix of first and second-year students on their experiences and thoughts on college as a whole:

Q: How have the first few weeks of classes been going so far?

A: “My first few weeks of classes have been very good so far, I dislike judging things with such a small sample size, but I like my professors and I feel like the assignments aren’t too much for me to handle.” - Gray, a second-year student

“It’s been okay so far, but that’s mostly because I haven’t been the most diligent about completing my towering piles of homework.” - A first-year student

“Challenging, yet doable.” - A first-year student

Q: Do you prefer in-person or online classes?

A: “Hands down, I prefer in-person to online classes.” - Gray

“In-person classes 100%. Seeing people every day helps make the work more bearable.” - A first-year student

“In-person.” - A first-year student

Q: Have you joined any clubs on campus?

A: “I’m an exec member of Bad Movie Club and KUMM, and I participate regularly in Gladiators and RPG Club events. I’m in the discord server for MoQSIE, but I don’t participate in as many events as I do there.” - Gray

“I’ve joined KUMM, and I’m thinking about starting my own club someday.” - A first-year student

“Gladiators, RPG, and Ultimate.” - A first-year student

Q: How did you find out about the clubs you joined?

A: “I found out about RPG club through a Gateway mentor, and I found out about MoQSIE, KUMM, and Gladiators through RPG Club members. I don’t remember how I found out about Bad Movie Club.” - Gray

“Activity fair” - A first-year student

“The activities fair” - A first-year student

Q: How has your overall college experience been so far?

A: “My college experience so far has been incredible.” - Gray

“Overall, my experience has been pretty good. I’ve enjoyed the newfound freedom and such quite a bit, but I’m wor- ried about time management and such in the future.” - A first-year student

“Very good, yet challenging” - A first-year student

Q: Is it what you were expecting before coming to Morris?

A: “I’m not really sure what I was expecting coming in, I knew that it would be a better environment than, say, high school, but my expectations were surpassed. I’m very glad that I chose to come here.” - Gray

“I think I was expecting to be able to make friends here easier since it’s a small college in a small town, but that hasn’t been the case. It can be a bit lonely at times, but it’s also only the fourth week of school.” - A first-year student

Q: Has college affected your mental health in any way?

A: “Not yet. I’m pretty good at ignoring stressful situations instead of resolving them (yay...) so mostly I feel like that comic of the “this is fine” dog in the burning house.” - A first-year student

Q: How is your first year so far as compared to your high school experience?

A: “So far I kind of like high school better. I had friends and family there, and not nearly the same amount of work to do. I was getting burnt out in the middle of senior year last year and I don’t think I’ve quite recovered from that, so that could also be contributing to my experience in college so far.” - A first-year student

“I love this leagues more than high school cause people are so nice here and a lot less cliques are present.” - A first- year student

Q: How is your second year so far as compared to last year?

A: “It’s too early to say whether my second year is better than my first, but in person events have made such a huge difference.” - Gray

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