Things To Do In Morris!

Things To Do In Morris!

By Evan Douville, Feature Editor Originally published in Issue 1, Volume 32 of The University Register on Friday, September 13, 2019

Tired of hanging out in your dorm with nothing to do? Are your friends itching to go have some fun in town? Are you looking for cool things to do on campus? Well have no fear, consider this your essential Buyers’-Guide to Morris, Minnesota! It may seem like the small campus on the prairie doesn’t have much to offer at first, but rest assured if you dig deep enough, there’s plenty to do in our lovely little town. Heres some things to get you (and your friends) started on having a great time! Whether you’re looking for on or off-campus things to do, heres some places to get you going!

Morris Community Theater

Do you and your friends like watching movies? Do your friends like watching new movies like Avengers: Endgame and It: Chapter 2? Then the Morris theater has you covered! With the affordable student rate as well, going to the movies has never been easier or more affordable. Plus, this year, there’s a special collaboration with our campus CAC Films to bring you a free (yes, FREE) movie on the first Friday of every month! So even if you are a poor college student, you have no excuse to not go out into town and catch a free movie every month.

Check out Morris’s Local Eateries

The dining hall getting you down with food that, while admittedly somewhat decent, isn’t “Restaurant Quality” like they promised on the brochure? Have no fear, as Morris has a great selection of fast food chains and local restaurants to satisfy nearly any craving!* If you’re looking for more fast-food style, Morris has a McDonald’s, a Dairy Queen, a Subway, and Taco Johns. Plus, many of these chains offer student deals and discounts, perfect for your pocket! Don’t want to get out of bed and have food delivered straight to you? Leave that to the Pizza Hut, Pizza Ranch, and Casey’s** to deliver a pizza right to your dorm building! Got a few pennies to burn? Local sit-downs like Mi Mexico, China Panda, Stone’s Throw Cafe, Old No. 1 Bar & Grill, and the practically famous Don’s Cafe will leave you with unique dining experiences you can only get in our little corner of the prairie.

*most restaurants only open until 9 p.m.

** Casey’s only delivers on Fridays and Saturdays--it really do be like that sometimes.

Check for Game Nights at Briggs

If you like board games, card games, and any other kind of game, then Briggs Library’s game night has you excited already. With games like Cards Against Humanity, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Telestrations, Ticket to Ride, and other card games, there’s never a shortage of fun games to play with cool people. Meet some new friends (or make some new enemies) over a fair game of cards, and then maybe read a book together (or not, that would be silly...unless?)

Peruse the Local Shops

Looking to fill up your empty dorm fridge? Think we’ve all been there. Luckily, Morris has no shortage of great places to pick up drinks and snacks for your consumption pleasure. Willie’s SuperValu is a great place to get started, with all the conveniences of a supermarket without any of the hassle. Meadowland Market, located across the tracks, has absolutely insane discounts on snacks, soda, bathroom products, school supplies, toys, even massive blocks of cheese (if for some reason you ever find yourself in dire need of a massive block of cheese).

Cry over the death of Shopko

RIP to a king....RIP to a king...

Go Bowling

Looking to have some fun with friends in a low-stress environment? Head on down to Crystal Lanes, Morris’s very own bowling alley, featuring a fully-automated scoring system! Enjoy pizza, snacks, and drinks as you bowl away the stress of finals week with your friends!

Play Cards with Friends at Johns

Do you like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, movies, or books? Swing on over to John’s Total Entertainment, where you can do all of the above and more. Looking for evening event times? No sweat, we got you covered!

Monday: MTG-Modern Format

Tuesday: MTG-Commander/EDH Format

Wednesday: Dungeons & Dragons

Thursday: Pokemon Trading Card Game

Friday: Friday Night Magic - Standard

And that’s everything you need to know, more or less! Don’t be afraid to get out and explore the town, parks, and rivers that surround our lovely town! Hope you have some fun this year!

Photo on top courtesy of Google Images