Our Mission Statement

The University Register is the University of Minnesota Morris' entirely student-run, bi-weekly campus newspaper and UMM's main source of news and entertainment through print media. We publish between six and seven issues per semester and meet every other week to complete layout for our newest issues.

We welcome all student writers, graphic designers, photographers, copy editors, web designers, and anyone else interested in putting together a weekly publication!

Submission Information

The University Register invites letters from its readers. Letters may be edited for length, libelous content, good taste, and other like concerns. All letters and editorials represent the views and opinions of the author only and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The University Register or its staff. In order to be eligible for publication, all letters must include the author's name and email address. The deadline for editorial submissions is Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. before the Friday of publication. The University Register will make all possible attempts to publish all letters we receive, however some letters may be omitted due to space constraints.

Contact Us

The University Register | university.register@gmail.com

Tehya Wachuta, Editor-in-Chief | wachu006@morris.umn.edu

Katherine Moore, Head Copy Editor | moor2014@morris.umn.edu

Alisa Samadani, Ad Sales Manager | samad025@morris.umn.edu

Erik Kjer, News Editor | kjer0018@morris.umn.edu

Angelica Cullen, Feature Editor | culle244@morris.umn.edu

Alisa Samadani, Arts & Entertainment Editor | samad025@umn.edu

Desmond Homann, Variety Editor | homan049@morris.umn.edu