Donuts for Diversity, Equity, and Interculturality: Talking with Liz Thomson

Donuts for Diversity, Equity, and Interculturality: Talking with Liz Thomson

By Alisa Samadani, Staff Writer Originally published in Issue 2, Volume 32 of The University Register on Friday, September 27, 2019

Did you hear? UMM has a new Equity, Diversity, and Intercultural Programs Director!

On Tuesday, September 17 from 8 - 10, Liz Thomson hosted an event so students could get to know them better.

Thomson chose to work at UMM because “it seemed like the most logical step, as it seemed challenging. I had never been a supervisor for so many different organizations, in terms of content and human resource management.”

They also found UMM’s small campus size to be a reminder of the importance of community: “The size of the campus, as well as being a liberal arts campus, reminded me of my appreciation for a strong sense of community.”

It was a pleasant surprise for Thomson to find this college, and they said, “we are definitely like a unicorn in the higher educational system.”

Although Thomson has been thoroughly enjoying their time at UMM, they do have some ideas for improving EDI over the next few years.

“I would like to see EDI reconnect more strongly with student organizations. All of the student organizations seem to be very strong already, but I have heard that there are some organizations that could use some guidance, and I would like to assist in facilitating care where necessary,” they said. “We should also be cultivating leadership so that, when leaders of student organizations leave, there are more students ready to take on that role, and in a larger sense, to be able to take part in society as a leader.”

Beyond reaching out to different student organizations, Thomson would also like to reach out to other disciplines.

“I would like to get to know all of the disciplines on campus, because EDI is about more than just the social sciences,” Thomson said. “EDI is a shared responsibility, so whether you’re in sports management, English, or physics, there may be things that I can do to support them.”

For now, Thomson has some great events planned for EDI this semester.

“We are finalizing events for November, and the LGBT groups have recently launched a lot of smaller events for October, so keep an eye out,” they said.

If you’re interested in attending EDI events, visit the EDI website and click on Programs—EDI now will show students a Google Doc that lists all of the current and upcoming programs.

Thomson looks forward to meeting with all of the student organizations on campus throughout the coming year, as well as hosting more events for EDI to connect with the student body.

Photo on top courtesy of Google Images