Letter From the Student Body President

Letter From the Student Body President

Hello students,

I hope you are all doing well as we near the end of our semester. I have a few updates from MCSA that I would like to share with you.


First, COVID-19 cases for campus remain low as 11/4/2020. We ought to pride ourselves on great work we’ve done with consistently wearing masks and physical distancing. Other colleges are seeing much higher numbers. We still must remain diligent, especially as when we depart Morris and head home. It will be important that we all quarantine two weeks before heading back to our families in order to protect our loved ones from COVID-19. Also, there are some great new testing opportunities to know about. There will be a Minnesota Department of Health testing event in Morris on 11/9 and 11/10. Anyone can go and get tested for free regardless of insurance status and whether you have symptoms or not. I encourage you all to consider getting tested and to sign up at www.primarybio.com/r/morris?key=umn-morris. You can now also get a saliva test kit in the mail within one day of requesting it. To learn more look for the email titled “COVID-19 saliva test kit now available” from urel@morris.umn.edu. Each student gets one testkit that can be used whenever by submitting your individualized code that was sent to you. Whenever getting tested, you should wait 5 days after feeling symptoms before getting tested and then quarantine immediately after being tested until you get your results back. Let’s keep up the great work, Cougars!

Sustainability Forum

For other MCSA updates, we will be hosting our annual Sustainability Forum via Zoom on 11/12 from 6:30 to 8 PM. It is an event to celebrate and learn about UMN Morris’ and City of Morris’ impressive accomplishments in sustainability. The Zoom link is z.umn.edu/SustainabilityForum2020.

New WLA Proposal

Another important update is that campus is in the process of updating its writing requirement. The new proposal will allow for students to transfer in credit for the WLA requirement. The proposal also assigns current classes as Writing Intensive and requires students to take one (maybe two) courses with the Writing Intensive tag. Students can double-dip between Writing Intensive, major, and general education requirements. This is all in an effort to ensure students are good writers by graduation and to adjust the current WLA writing requirement.

Please email MCSA at ummmcsa@morris.umn.edu with any questions or concerns regarding the above or any other topics.

I hope you have a great rest of your semester and take care.


Sam Rosemark