Submitted by an anonymous contributor Originally published in Issue 1, Volume 34 of The University Register on September 17, 2021 Nomads The lights tell us there are people out there, Carving homes out of the South Dakota dark. Taco Bell sign, flickering CENEX, brake lights On a semi up ahead. Farmers make their beds Under a pale slice of moon. Or south, crawling The mud roads between the flooded fields Of late March Nebraska. In the distance, Pizza Hut: THURSDAYS $0.50 BEER and scattered billboards with nothing to advertise except their own Empty space. Truck drivers stop in Grand Island For diesel, sucking on vapes, eyes cloudy With four-am exhaustion. The waitress at the 24hr Perkins Steps out for a cigarette, thinking empty thoughts, And shares a nod with a truck driver under the halogens.